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Child Protection

KIS Reignwood Park takes great pride in developing and maintaining a supportive and inclusive community for its students, parents, and staff. This means ensuring that all members of the community are safe, cared for, and welcomed.

All staff at KIS Reignwood Park are familiar with our child protection policies and procedures, and all members of the KIS Reignwood Park community are encouraged to explore these areas so that we all act in the best interest and safety of our students. All members of our school community have a shared responsibility for child protection.

Safe Recruitment Procedures

KIS Reignwood Park adopts safe recruitment and selection procedures. We are dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the health and well-being of our students and expect all employees to share this commitment. 

Through a thorough interviewing process, collecting professional references, checking qualifications and places of previous employment, as well as conducting police criminal reference checks for all staff, we do everything possible to employ the very best professionals to join our school community.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

KIS Reignwood Park is a 'Child Safe' School. There are clear guidelines for all community members regarding expectations when working and interacting with our students to ensure their safety and well-being while in our care. All of our staff participate in ongoing child protection training.


At KIS Reignwood Park, we advocate for inclusivity. Our students are encouraged to celebrate and respect each other's differences and acknowledge each other's strengths and talents. Our students are continually developing their multicultural and international mindsets.

Social and Emotional Support

Strong pastoral care practices, Personal, Social, and Health Education curriculum, and social-emotional counselors all support our students' well-being and help them prepare to take on the challenges of adolescence and adulthood. Students are supported, if needed, in solving problems, issues relating to friendships, relationships, peer pressure, and other problems that may occur in their lives.


The KIS Reignwood Park campus is a safe learning environment in which students can learn. CCTV cameras, automated flap-gates, personal electronic ID cards for all community members, and our professional and friendly school security staff stationed at the entrance to the school ensure that all community members are accounted for and safe when on campus.

Student Health

The school has detailed measures in place to support student health. All staff at KIS Reignwood Park who work directly with the students regularly participate in First Aid training. The school has three infirmaries with full-time nurses and first aid equipment, including AED devices.

Emergency Drills

Students and staff regularly practice evacuation (fire) drills and lockdown drills. Emergency and crisis plans are in place so the school can act quickly and effectively in response to any situations that may arise.