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Boarding School in Bangkok - Ages 9 to 18

Our KIS Boarding Village is about joining a big family and making great friendships with a world of opportunities across our boarding village and wider 60 acre campus, as well as the exciting activities and trips available on our doorstep during the weekends. We are located just outside Bangkok within the exclusive Reignwood Park tranquil community which offers an unparalleled living experience that combines beautiful landscapes and modern amenities.
We offer weekly and full boarding options for students in Grade 4 (aged 9) and above in our safe and secure boarding village offering stylish and comfortable bedrooms, each with private bathrooms and ample storage. A home away from home within our exceptional world class campus. Boarding at KIS Reignwood Park gives children more hours in the day for activities that children already enjoy and for the interests they have yet to discover!
Boarding House Tours Begin on May 27th, 2024

"Boarding at KIS Reignwood Park is a warm and welcoming home away from home where staff care deeply about their students and help them succeed. We work together with parents and families to ensure that our boarders receive the best possible care, nurturing their confidence, academics, passions and independence. I have over 20 years of experience in boarding schools and would love to speak with you to discuss your child's needs and the wonderful boarding experience we offer in our unique KIS Boarding Village.

Elizabeth Hammond, Director of Boarding

Our Stylish & Comfortable KIS Boarding Village

Private Bathrooms for Every Boarding Room

Our KIS Boarding Village offers stylish and comfortable bedrooms, each with private bathrooms and ample storage. We offer either bedrooms with four or two children per room and then single rooms for our Seniors. As well direct access to our world class 60 acre campus, boarders have their own multi-purpose dining hall, study areas, and leisure and relaxation areas within our KIS Boarding Village. The ideal environment to ensure your child grows in confidence and independence in readiness for success at university and beyond.

24/7 Safe & Secure Boarding Environment 

We prioritize providing a safe and secure environment for our students. Parents can be comfortable in the knowledge of knowing that we have a reliable 24/7 tracking system that allows us to monitor student's movements around our boarding village and wider campus. The KIS boarding infrastructure is designed to handle all aspects of safety within a boarding environment. This includes secure sleeping areas, a 24/7 supervised reception and medical center and robust card activated security gates. Each boarding house is staffed with dedicated security guards who students will get to know, and the perimeter is patrolled by security guards during and after-hours to ensure the safety of all students.

Direct Access to our World Class 60 Acre Campus 

Each Housemasters or Housemistress will get to know the personality and interests of your child and work to support and encourage their individual passions whether it be sports, performing arts, academics, local culture, or history. Our KIS Boarding Village has direct access to the main school campus which offers world class facilities throughout the evenings and weekends including a high tech 1000 seat Auditorium Center and an expansive indoor Wolves Sports Complex housing an Aquatic Arena, Golf Development Academy and fully equipped Gymnastics Hall. Off-campus, there are a wide range of planned weekend opportunities with cultural experiences and outdoor activities in the wider exclusive Reignwood Park community and across Bangkok ensuring boarding life is an enriching experience.

Highly Experienced & Supportive Boarding Staff 

Our students are supported by a dedicated team of staff who provide them with a safe space to challenge themselves and try new things. Housemaster or Housemistress, an Assistant Housemaster or Housemistress, a Matron, and Interns make up the live-in staff under each KIS Boarding House. This live-in team allows for close knowledge and understanding of each students emotional and physical needs ensuring they succeed both academically and as well-rounded global students with all the skills needed to be successful throughout life. Our Housemasters and Housemistresses are also part of the academic faculty, bringing their teaching experience and knowledge into the boarding environment. Additionally, all subject teachers in the school join in boarding life each week to assist with homework and run activities such as gym sessions, cooking lessons, or simply sit and talk with students.

All school and boarding staff are highly experienced in boarding and pastoral care and are recruited through a rigorous recruitment program, including conducting criminal checks and references for all staff and regularly training in child protection and counseling.

Teacher Supervised Study & Homework Time

KIS subject teachers and Housemasters or Housemistresses supervise study and homework time during the evenings and weekends to ensure students have a quiet and focused environment where they can learn from each other, develop great study habits and feel supported by staff who are always on hand to answer any questions they may have. We believe that it is important for teachers and boarding staff to work together in supporting each student's academic success throughout their boarding life with us.

The IB Experts with 25 Years Experience

KIS International School our leading IB experts in Bangkok with 25 years experience of delivering outstanding IB results and the only fully authorized IB World School offering all four IB programmes in Bangkok. Our reputation for academic excellence is supported by our consistently high IBDP scores which have seen us average 34.5 points over the last 5 years, well above the world average of 30 points. Success continues with students graduating KIS with a wide choice of offers stretching across 10+ countries and 120+ different universities and colleges each year.

Unique Boarding 4 Life Program

Introducing independence to your child can be daunting, but it is an essential life skill. Over-dependence can be stressful for the whole family and hinders children from developing their own confidence and competence. At KIS Boarding we gently help children cultivate independence and confidence with our unique Boarding 4 Life Program. Each academic year we challenge the boarders to learn a new set of life skills, covering a widely diverse range of topics and activities supported by our staff who are patient, encouraging, and unafraid to let your child make mistakes. 

Every boarding student is given their own personalized Boarding 4 Life Passport where they can mark the skills they have attained and work towards certificates and badges. The life skills that each boarder will master belong to a variety of different categories: practical/domestic skills, health and wellbeing, finance and admin, social skills, presentation techniques, craft skills and so much more. These will begin at a basic level and progress to an appropriate level of sophistication and complexity for those in their last year. By the time they leave us, our boarders will know how to sew on a button, change a car tyre and lay a table for a formal dinner: but also how to speak well in public, plan their finances and maintain their emotional wellbeing.

Independence built through our boarding life is a gift that supports children for life giving them the confidence to cope with new situations and develop resilience in this every changing world.