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KIS House System

The KIS House System involves all students throughout their time with us, fostering a sense of community and emphasizing teamwork, leadership, and character development. Each academic staff member and student is assigned to one of four houses, with siblings joining the same house.

Four Houses

KIS Houses are named after well-known characters from ancient Thai mythology: Tosakan (the green giant), Erawan (the three-headed elephant), Hanuman (the Monkey King), and Naga (a mythical giant serpent).

Year-round House events are designed to enhance school spirit, nurture relationships among students within the same grade and across grades, and create leadership opportunities. Popular events include Sports Day, Spirit Week, talent competitions, house assemblies and social media challenges.

Recognizing students' diverse talents and contributions beyond academics, our KIS House System provides a well-rounded experience that promotes friendly rivalry and healthy competition.