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School Cafés

We have dedicated air-conditioned Student Café for Early Years, Primary, and Secondary School, ensuring the right environment and food choices to meet the needs of each age group across the KIS Reignwood Park Campus.

Meals & Menus

We offer a wide range of healthy, nutritious, and balanced meals using only high-quality produce. Our daily menu always includes international, Asian, and vegetarian options, as well as a noodle station and salad and fruit bar.

Prioritizing students' health and well-being is a crucial aspect of our responsibility to provide a holistic education. With Learning Farmyards connected to both our Primary and Secondary buildings, we promote healthy food choices, educate students about nutrition, and explore sustainability practices. By doing so, we contribute to their well-being both physically through the food choices made in our Student Cafés and mentally as students make connections from farm-to-table, supporting their growth into informed and responsible individuals.